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is helping publishers manage their ad inventory with maximum efficiency.

Focus on what you do best - publishing, and let us take care of your yield/non-premium ad inventory.

Guaranteed increase in revenue, compared to the revenue created by managing your own ad inventory.


We’ll do all the work - analysis, strategy and execution.


We don’t bind our partners with a contract.


10+ years in programmatic advertising gives us a good understanding of both publishers and advertisers.


We use advanced machine learning algorithms to achieve high CPMs.


We guarantee an increase in your earnings.


Monitor your revenue growth in real time through our user interface.


We respect every publishers particular features and create tailor-made solutions.


We monitor and suggest technical and other improvements so you can boost your visits and earnings.

Our work approach?

A new collaboration starts with us scaning editorial, technological and other specifics of a website. We conceptualize a strategy and ad placement proposition. Furthermore, we implement the strategy - in this stage of collaboration the publisher is minimally involved. Sometimes, the publisher is not involved at all because in the implementation stage we can do everything by ourselves.

We connect the publisher with the source of programmatic advertising - e.g. Google AdExchange, OpenX, Google Adsense. We use machine learning technology which creates a demand pressure on advertisers, resulting in higher profitability rates for publishers.

We optimize. In the long run - our goal is to increase income while ensuring great user experience and fast page load times.

What does the collaboration process with 234 look like?

For starters, we need some information about your website. We will make an analysis and let you know can we help and how. Further details will be provided.

How much does our service cost?

We provide risk-free service. The price is defined as a percentage of the profit we bring you. If we don't bring you extra profit you don't need to pay us. This is our guarantee.



AdExchange is an exchange made for premium web publishers and premium advertisers, AdSense is a plug&play solution which does not need much setting up and it gives solid results with fill rates up to 100%. AdExchange has a much larger potential for your profit growth but to use that potential you need an advanced setup which most of web publishers do not have at their disposal.


Header bidding is a technological solution in programmatic advertising which was developed as a response to the traditional waterfall model.

The waterfall model brings together ad networks in a serial connection. Waterfall works like this- Firstly, the opportunity to place ads is given to the network with the highest priority (with conditions such as minimal CPM).

If that network does not have an ad ready the opportunity is given to the next network and so on.

The main advantage of header bidding is that it gives the opportunity to a potentially unlimited number of networks to compete for every impression simultaneously, which results in higher CPM rates and more profit for web publishers. Header bidding has its advantages and disadvantages.

There are two implementation options - client side (for example prebid.org) and server side (Google Exchange Bidding). The main disadvantage of client side header bidding is that it can cause latency and it is not currently supported by all relevant Ad Exchanges. Server side header bidding relies on ad server technology which in turn can compromise the basic idea of equal approach for every bidder.Depending on the situation header bidding can be a good solution.


Yes. We encourage only placing ads which don't compromise good user experience. If you want to block a certain advertiser or ad format this can be done.


No. Directly sold deals stay uncompromised even with programatic supporting setup. Different setups are available to utilize maximum advantage from both direct and programatic deals.

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