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is helping publishers manage their ad inventory with maximum efficiency.

Focus on what you do best - publishing, and let us take care of your yield/non-premium ad inventory.

Guaranteed increase in revenue, compared to the revenue created by managing your own ad inventory.


We’ll do all the work - analysis, strategy and execution.


We don’t bind our partners with a contract.


10+ years in programmatic advertising gives us a good understanding of both publishers and advertisers.


We use advanced machine learning algorithms to achieve high CPMs.


We guarantee an increase in your earnings.


Monitor your revenue growth in real time through our user interface.


We respect every publishers particular features and create tailor-made solutions.


We monitor and suggest technical and other improvements so you can boost your visits and earnings.

Let’s get things going

We start with scanning website’s characteristics - technology, content and design. Then we create a strategy and propose ad positions.

Our main goal is to create optimal setup regarding the number, position and frequency of ads. Some web publishers wish to earn as much as possible, while others aim to maintain a high user experience with fewer ads which still bring revenue.

Next step is implementation. For publishers, this step requires little or no effort at all, because we can implement the ads for them.

We connect the publishers with leading programmatic advertising sources (Demand Side Platforms or DSPs), such as Google Ad Exchange, IndexExchange, OpenX and many more. Our innovative machine learning technology creates a demand pressure on advertisers, resulting in higher profits for publishers.

Although programmatic advertising is our core business, we will gladly assist publishers with other fields of digital marketing. We can teach you how to traffic direct campaigns through Google Ad Manager, suggest technological improvements and keep a close eye on innovations on the market.

We optimize for the long run. Our primary goal is to boost your earnings, but we take care of good user experience and fast page load times.

What does the collaboration process with 234 look like?

Firstly, contact us and provide basic info about your website. Then we’ll make an analysis and suggest ad positions. Next step is implementation, and then you start making revenue.

How much does our service cost?

Our service is risk-free. The price is defined as a percentage of the profit we create for you. If we don't bring you extra profit, you don't have to pay us.


The majority of our ad impressions is served in the EU - Central and South-East Europe (Adriatic region).

If you'd like to access more than 1B impressions we serve monthly, please get in touch.



Programmatic advertising is a way to automatically buy/sell and optimize digital campaigns, compared to classic advertising which is done by humans.


Visually, they look similar. However, Google Ad Exchange is a premium network with a larger number of advertisers which brings higher CPMs and revenues.


Google Ad Exchange is available only to web publishers/websites with a large number of monthly page views.

Smaller publishers/websites can display Ad Exchange ads by partnering with Google partner agencies, such as our agency - 234.

Another requirement for displaying Ad Exchange ads is having an AdSense account. If you don’t have an AdSense account, we can help you open one.


It is quite simple: we agree on the ad positions, connect to your Google AdSense account and send you codes with implementation instructions.


It is a text file with a list of advertisers/networks allowed to show ads on a website. Ads.txt file is published on URL example.com/ads.txt


We can set a certain fixed price the advertisers have to pay to appear on your website. This leads to fewer ads, but still creates revenue.


By using Google Ad Manager - free ad server from Google. We can help you open a Google Ad Manager account and teach you how to use it for campaign trafficking.


Yes. They are displayed in rotation.


No. Direct campaigns have an advantage over programmatic. They are delivered first, and then the remaining (yield) inventory is filled with programmatic ads.


Some categories are blocked by default, such as alcohol or gambling. If you request so, we can also block particular advertisers.

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